Monday, October 26, 2015

2nd post!!

Hello! Thank you for coming to my blog again! This my second post. I'm going to start blogging about what we do in science these days. Right now, we are doing our last lesson on ecosystems. (#8) Then we have a unit test, which I don't like. (Well, who doesn't hate tests?) Our last lesson (#7) was about symbiosis, and we watched videos about bedbugs, the relation between crocs and hippos and zombie snails. It was absolutely disgusting!(well, the zombie snail. The rest was alright) Right now, we're learning about Succession.
 Everything is new to me, and it's a bit overwhelming, especially with piano,(1 hour 30 min) and homework, but I'll try to post every Science lesson about what we're doing, etc....
I really appreciate you coming to my blog and reading this. Thank you so much!
-Esther ;)
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